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Feria-libro-DonadoJacqueline Donado, currently Project director of New York Book Fair Expo, began her career as a reporter in Barranquilla, Colombia, for newspapers such as El Tiempo and El Espectador. Until 2005, she was Managing Editor at El Diario/ La Prensa, where she started as the Assistant Metro Editor in 1996. Donado, a writer, organizes an annual multilingual book fair, where independent authors and small publishing houses exhibit and sell their books. Currently, Donado is working as Project Director of New York Book Fair Expo, Strategic Program Coordinator at The Queens Chamber of Commerce and member of the Editorial Board of Book Press NY, an independent publishing house. In 2009 Donado published the books Willets Point the Garden of Ashes (Spanish and English edition) and in 2006 “Cuentos locos de periodistas idem” Donado was instrumental of the idea of Queens Public Library granting immigrants with consular IDs full library privileges.


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