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New York Book Fair 2008

In 2006, the New York Book Fair Expo was founded to organize a book fair and invite local writers to participate and have a meeting point where they can make themselves known to promote and sell their work; and also to give regular people the opportunity to meet writers and have a conversation with them.

That year, there were more than four bookstores selling books, including Lectorum, which has already disappeared from the market. As time went on, the fair has turned into an important meeting ground for authors to strengthen their relationships with libraries, universities and through these relationships, present and sell their books.

New York Book Fair Expo is a free event that offers readers and writers an opportunity to interact, to create a public community around a festival that promotes and celebrates the joy of reading and learning. Each year the Festival brings to Queens a select group of authors from different cultural backgrounds, writers, poets, biographers and children’s authors gather together in a common roof . Every author on the program takes part in a session, either a solo reading or a panel discussion, followed by a book signing. Books by all the participating authors are available for sale at Festival book sales area.

In addition, the Book Fair showcase work of visual artist and programs ethnic musical performance stages throughout the event.   Special events for children take place whether permit outside the building including appearances by favorite characters, musicians, artists, and storytellers.

The New York Book Fair Expo, is one of the premier literary events in Queens, a diverse  free gathering that attracts thousands of book lovers of all ages to enjoy authors and presents a dazzling array of national and international literary stars, emerging authors and programming.