The VI Annual New York Book Fair Expo (2011)

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The NY Book Fair 2011 was celebrated at the Queens Museum of Art and the Spanish Benevolent Society (Centro Español) in Manhattan. “This event lets us enjoy and celebrate our culture,” Jacqueline Donado, founder and director of the fair, said.

The NY Book Fair 2011 celebrated the diversity of languages spoken in New York City and recognized its many authors and artists.

NYBFE authors 2011



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Thursday, October 6th, 2011

  • 5:00 pm Open art Exhibition -Networking
  • 6:00 pm Welcoming Remarks Queens Museum of Art
  • Presentation of authors
  • Speakers Fred Gitner Keynote speaker, New Americans Program, Queens Library and Jacqueline Donado, Founder NY Book Fair Expo
  • Special Presentation with  authors Leonora Flis, David Mills, Antonio Quintero Palmera and Beatriz Vélez
  • Musical Performance by Alex Alexander with Steph Ziemman a Manhattan based artist
  • MC’s Marva Kalisha and Johana Pino
  • Art Exhibition by  Dario Sound  and Union City Art Collective
  • Cocktail by Zhumir

Saturday October 8 2011

Centro Espanol, 239 West, 14th Street New York, New York 10018
Café Literario

  • 11:00 am  Opening
  • 12:15 pm  Woman in Urban Literature with Blanca Irene Arbelaez, Tiba Araujo and Mireya Posada
  • 2:30 pm   Encuentro con Claudio Ivan Remeseira
  • 3:30 pm   Gabriela Mistral y Los Estados Unidos: “Neruda y Mistral bajo el ala de Lautréamont” por Gerardo Piña Rosales

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

  • 11:00 am  Tent at the Museum Entrance Managed by plastic artist Marianne Sagbini Juego Arte
  • 11:30 am  Children Book Readings – SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR (11:30 am to 5:30 pm) – Book Reading by Merlyn Janet Amaya
  • Noon       LAIA – Literary Award Announcement
  • 12:30 pm   Carrier Pigeon Art Magazine – Liza Calache
  • 1:00 pm   Greek Authors Pauline S. Manos (Manolakos)Demetrios Robothis Thei Zervakis
  • 1:30 pm   Baseball Player Legend – Art Shamsky – Soccer Book by Beatriz Vélez
  • 2:00 pm   Panel Ricardo León Peña-Villa por Carlos Aguasaco, Luis Henao, Nicolas Linares, Myrna Nieves, Ramiro Sandoval
  • 3:00  pm   Panel Freddy Gomez Gajape  por Petronio Rafael Cevallos, Alex Lima
  • 4:00  pm   Panel Languages of NY Moderated by Gustavo Arango
  • Lendy Demetrius, Jacqueline Donado, Leonora Flis, Dalhma LLanos-Figueroa, David Mills, Linda Morales
  • 5:15 pm    Poetry and Book Reading by Blanca Irene Arbelaez,, Ernesto Espinoza  (Eres),, Lourdes Crespo,, Miguel Falquez Certain,, strong>Nohemi Molano Lewis,, Carlos Ortega Jr.,, Laura Orvieto, and Luz Velazquez
  • presents  a Special homage to  Afro-Colombian singer and composer Ligia Naya
  • Special appearance from Venezuela Carlos E. Rios – Scharbaay
  • Special appearance of awarded photographer Nereo López Mesa